Ep. 46 - Georgia's Movie-cation

This week, episode 46 brings us another guest. Very good friend of the show, Matty Greenough comes to talk movies with us! He is looking to introduce his daughter Georgia to some solid 80's and 90's titles. We try to help him put that list together with some suggestions of our own! Let us know what you would have put on your list and what we missed! Also, we attempted to make this a kid-friendly episode...fingers crossed!

Secret of the Booze was Ghost Busters inspired! This week we drank the Stay Puft cocktail! Just like the kids in Stranger Things season 2, we all loved Ghostbusters! And if you listened to the 13 questions of Halloween, you know that Duffy wants a hug from the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. This is as close as he is ever gonna get!

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Ep. 46 - Georgia's Movie-cation(LibSyn)