Episode 12 - Memorable Marvel Movie Moments

Welcome to episode 12 of You Me & Duffy! It's our most alliterative title yet! We would like you to join us for the discussion of our top 10 memorable Marvel movie moments! We each made a list of 10 movie moments, or groups of moments and discuss them! Jason reveals his feelings about the Night Nurse, Scott reveals a deep seeded childhood fear, and Duffy gets his sassy pants on while over-using the word "Perfect". 

In recent news, Batman has gotten a new director, Netflix is bringing back a childhood favorite, and Marvel is dropping trailers and promos left and right! It's a great time to be a nerd!

Because we are such Marvel whores, the drink we chose to keep this all together was, The Loki. If you like black licorice, this drink is for you! If not.....well you should try it anyway! To see how it's made go check out Aggressive Comix, Secret of the Booze YouTube page!

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Ep. 12 - Memorable Marvel Movie Moments (Sound Cloud)