Episode 20 - Damn Nature! You Scary!

Welcome to episode 20 of You Me & Duffy! This weeks episode was inspired by fear! And that fear was inspired by, Pennywise the clown! That's right! Stephen King's iconic, It is being rebooted and it looks creepy as hell! Seeing as two members of the show have a fear of clowns, it got us thinking about phobias. What are some of the stranger ones? How does it differ from your normal fears? We just barely grazed the surface of this huge topic! Come listen and find out what our fears are and what Duffy opened a door to that almost made him wet his pants! And please feel free to let us know what your fears are by using the contact link on our webpage!

The Secret of the Booze this week, isn't actually a Secret of the Booze! This week, we reviewed the beer that Duffy's beautiful fiancé took him to brew for his birthday! It's called, Stout Lord's Awesome Mocha Vol. 1 and it is delicious! There's no video showing you how to make this beer, but if you have a Hopsters restaurant near you, that is where it was created!

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Ep. 20 - Damn Nature! You Scary! (Sound Cloud)