Ep. 29 - Truce Blayne: Eccentric Thousandaire

It's time for episode 29 of You Me & Duffy! This week started off with some sad news. Adam West, most known for his role as Bruce Wayne in the 1966 Batman series, has passed away. We are going to take a look at all the iterations of his most iconic role and pick our favorite and least favorite bits and pieces. Grab a drink, sit back, and have a listen to this weeks episode in honor of Mr. Adam West.

For the Secret of the Booze we decided to go with a Batman themed beverage. Since we had already done the Gotham City Iced Tea, we decided to go with a drink based on one of his villains. This week we take on, The Scarecrow. It was delicious! Definitely find it on the Secret of the Booze YouTube page and try it out!

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Ep. 29 - Truce Blayne: Eccentric Thousandaire (Sound Cloud)