Ep. 37 - You Me & Dennis

Episode 37 of You Me & Duffy is here! Duffy couldn't be in the studio with us this week because his work schedule is a bit crazy. So to attempt to fill his shoes we have our buddy Dennis Burke back in the studio with us. Come listen as we veer off course and get caught in a loop about whale sperm. Yes, I said whale sperm. Eventually we break out into our main topic and discuss the creation of our own heroes and villains. Thanks to Stephen Williams for the AMA that sparked this episode.

The Secret of the booze we tried this week, and the drink that started all the whale cum jokes, was the Mudder's Milk. This is a Firefly inspired drink. We all remember Firefly right? The short lived show that was ruined by Fox's executive involvement....not that we'r still salty or anything....

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Ep. 37 - You Me & Dennis (Sound Cloud)