Ep. 39 - Robin! Boy Wonder? Or Boy Blunder?

Episode 39 is here and once again we are a host down! Adulting is hard! Joining us again this week to fill the void left by Jason is Mr. Dennis Burke. We got together this week to discuss the upcoming live action Teen Titans show and their choice for Dick Grayson a.k.a. Robin/Nightwing. As usual, Duffy has some strong opinions, but we can't say he's wrong! Let us know how you feel about the choices they are making, or just how you feel about life in general by messaging us on social media!

Because Jason couldn't be there with us, and we use his camera to record it, we decided to forego a Secret of the Booze this week. It will be back next week in full force.....trust me....

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Ep. 39 - Robin! Boy Wonder? Or Boy Blunder? (Sound Cloud)