atomic blonde

Ep. 36 - Secret Agent Woman

Hey everyone! It's time for episode 36 of You Me & Duffy (It's a podcast!) This week we talked about a bunch of stuff, but our main focus was on Duffy's review of, Atomic Blonde. Spoiler alert! He really liked it! That is the only spoiler you are going to get from this episode! Duffy did his best to tell us as much as he could without spoiling any plot points! Plus you get to find out what our secret agent names would be! Be sure to let us know what yours would be by leaving us comments on social media or a review wherever you get your podcasts!

Secret of the Booze had a great drink to go along with our covert operations theme. It's called, The Black Lodge Special! 2/3 of us loved this drink. One of us is not a coffee drinker! Head over to the Secret of the Booze YouTube page to find out how to make this beverage and see our review!

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Ep. 36 - Secret Agent Woman (Sound Cloud)