Episode 23 - Glamping: Camping or the Destruction of Rustic Living

Hey everyone! Welcome to episode 23 of You Me & Duffy! Due to some unforeseen circumstances, wed decided to do the whole episode on Facebook Live! Thanks to everyone that watched and commented! If we try this little experiment again, we will try to respond to more comments and include as many of you as we can!

In this weeks episode, we were talking about camping. What it is, what it was, and what we are turning it into. We touch on the ten things the Boy Scouts say you need, and the most important things that we, as adults, think you need to bring with you. It's booze! Nah, just kidding, but that is SUPER important. Duffy's fiancé even went so far as to say, "Enough booze to forget you are camping." How many of you agree? Let us know!

The people over at Secret of the Booze have created drinks for all of the main players in, The Guardians of the Galaxy and we will try two of them each week until Volume 2 is released! For our own drink this week, we went with The Rocket and Groot. We figure those are two things you could actually encounter while camping! This drink did not disappoint! Check them out on YouTube to see how it's made!

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Ep. 23 - Glamping: Camping or the Destruction of Rustic Living (Sound Cloud)