Episode 26 - All Bonds Go to Heaven

Happy Memorial Day Everyone! Please take some time during this holiday weekend to remember those that fought and made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our and others ways of life! During whatever celebration you will have, maybe make some time to listen to Episode 26 of You Me & Duffy!

Over the past few weeks there has been a lot of sad news. The most recent of which inspired the topic for this episode, James Bond. Sir Roger Moore passed away at the age of 89 after a battle with cancer. This man had an incredible career, and while he may not have been your favorite Bond, he should always have your respect for taking on such an iconic role and making it his own. We decided we would honor his legacy by talking about our favorite and least favorite Bond movies, gadgets, cars, and the like.

There was no Secret of the Booze this week. Instead we decided to dive head long into Bond by creating The Vesper from Daniel Craig's, Casino Royale. It will probably be the classiest drink you ever hear us try and it was delicious. Please join us in raising a glass to this man that will be a legend, Sir Roger Moore.

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We want to apologize for taking a bye week. If you heard an early version of Episode 25 you will have heard a joke that was overlooked and that was inappropriate. It inadvertently made light of the allegations against Kobe Bryant in 2003. We do not condone his or anyone's actions when it comes to assault, sexual or otherwise. The episode was taken down as soon as it was pointed out and the reference was removed. Please accept our apology as we will be working harder in the future to ensure we do not make jokes about that kind of culture.


Ep. 26- All Bonds Go to Heaven (Sound Cloud)