Ep. 32 - Don't Abduct Me Bro!

Welcome to Episode 32 of You Me & Duffy! We have a couple of movies to review for you guys this week. Duffy took the bullet and watched, Transformers: The Last Knight. A few of us also watched Baby Driver! One of those movies was good and the other was hot garbage. Can you guess which was which? For our main topic, this weekend marked the 70th anniversary of the UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico! We decided to look into the history a bit and figure out what we think happened and what the government is telling people! We will also tell you about the greatest anti-abduction technology to date! It is a very stylish helmet!

This week we decided to review, The Alien Brain Hemorrhage! When you make this drink, it will look pretty disgusting, but trust us, it is delicious! Once you have downed this shot, grab a beer, have a seat, and take a listen to episode 32 and be sure to watch the skies!

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Ep. 32 - Don't Abduct Me Bro! (Sound Cloud)