Episode 18 - The Hidden Dangers of Ceiling Fans

Welcome to episode 18 of You Me & Duffy! In this weeks episode we flash back to some of our guilty pleasure shows and movies from yesteryear. Murder She Wrote, The Price is Right, Saved By the Bell and more! I bet we have some listeners that watched the same stuff! Also we discuss how dangerous ceiling fans really are. Watch your heads and fingers! Come have a listen and see if you have anything to add to the list. We'd love to hear from you!

The drink we chose this week from our friends at The Secret of the Booze is, The Truly Truly Outrageous Cocktail! This was inspired Jem and the Holograms. Another guilty pleasure for some. Go to youtube to see the ingredients and how to mix them so they have good Synergy!

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Ep. 18 - The Hidden Danger of Ceiling Fans (Sound Cloud)