Episode 19 - Gone in 1.21 Gigawatts

Welcome to episode 19 of You Me & Duffy! In this weeks episode we were inspired by the trailer for Edgar Wright's new movie, Baby Driver. Duffy posed the question, if you needed a getaway car, what would it be? We also talked about some choice driving music! Come have a listen and find out what happened when Scott invited Stephen Amell to his wedding. Or if it's okay or creepy to be attracted to the pink ranger in the new Power Rangers movie. And in a game of Truth or Dare, what option we would choose!

The drink we chose this week from our friends at The Secret of the Booze to help with all these decisions is, The McFly! If you want to see someone try a flaming shot, this is definitely the way to go! This drink combines various sodas with Bacardi 151, which coincidentally isn't even produced anymore. Rest assured there are other alcohols on the market with a 151 proof!

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Ep. 19 - Gone in 1.21 Gigawatts (Sound Cloud)