Episode 14 - Rated "E" For Everyone

Welcome to episode 14 of You Me & Duffy! As a special treat for a potential young fan, we have tried our best to keep this episode as clean as possible....there may have been a few slips, but rest assured they have been censored! Based on the question we were asked having to deal with Harry Potter, we decided to stay in the realm of children's movies. This weeks topic was our top 5 Disney movies! Come see if you agree with what we chose. There are just so many!

The drink we chose from our friends at The Secret of the Booze is, The Finding Dory. It is similar to a Scorpion Bowl that we divided into three fishbowls! Check out their YouTube channel to see how the drink is made. And speaking of fish, listen and find out which one of us had their awakening to Ariel singing, Part of Your World!

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Ep. 14 - Rated "E" For Everyone (Sound Cloud)