Episode 13 - WHAM!

Welcome to episode 13 of You Me & Duffy! In this episode we take the time to discuss the origins and some of the superstitions that surround the most romantic of the holidays, Valentine's Day. Whether you believe in true love, or believe it is a product of Hallmark, Russell Stover, and flower shops everywhere, this episode has something for everyone! Come learn a little something about the origins of Valentine's Day and what the three of us consider our most embarrassing moments!

In recent news, The Batman movie is once again turmoil, Suicide Squad 2 is tapping a possible director, Paramount Pictures pulls a couple duds, and Netflix has a fun new zombie show!

This topic was so romantic, we had to pay homage to one of the most romantic love stories of all time. Of course, I am talking about Deadpool! The harrowing story of the Merc with the Mouth saving his lady love! To see how it's made go check out Aggressive Comix, Secret of the Booze YouTube page!

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Ep. 13 - WHAM! (Sound Cloud)