Episode 17 - Kiss Me I'm Irish!

Welcome to episode 17 of You Me & Duffy! This week we have a treasure trove of current events including news from Marvel, the new Predator movie, and the site of a nuclear meltdown! We're also talking about a day that is near and dear to us here in New England, St Patrick's Day! We have some random facts and myths for you as well as some of the random ways that towns in the US celebrate the most Irish of days! Come sit, have a listen, and drink with us and, may the road rise to meet you.

The drink we chose from our friends at The Secret of the Booze is the, Kiss Me I'm Irish! This was a very tasty beverage that scored high marks across the board. With its green color and the flakes of gold floating in it, you will certainly feel the luck of the Irish after one or two of these fun drinks!

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Ep. 17 - Kiss Me I'm Irish (Sound Cloud)