Episode 16 - X-23: The Sweet Baby Angel

Welcome to episode 16 of You Me & Duffy! Today we have a guest in the studio with us! Welcome Scott's fiancé, Michelle! We brought her in to discuss something near and dear to her heart, The X-Men. We all went out and saw Logan and wanted to share our feelings with you in a spoiler free review! We also took the time to create our own 5 member teams of X-Men! Come have a seat and listen, maybe build your own team, and share a drink with us!

The drink we chose from our friends at The Secret of the Booze is, The Magneto! Having watched A LOT of Secret of the Booze videos, I can safely say this one is my favorite! And the drink was pretty damn good. It took us forever to make since you have to use your mutant abilities to get the metal chiller ball in the glass, but it was definitely worth it!

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Ep. 16 - X-23: The Sweet Baby Angel (Sound Cloud)