Episode 24 - Frozen 2: Ice Ice Babies

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! It's Episode 24 of You Me & Duffy! This week we are heavily front loaded with current events! We talk about everything from VR games, a huge chunk of Star Wars gold, and upcoming reality shows to live action remakes of childhood classics. It takes a while, but we finally get to the topic at hand, Cinco de Mayo! We will give you a brief history for the event that birthed this day of heavy drinking! *Spoiler Alert* It is NOT Mexican Independence Day!

To continue our countdown to Guardians of the Galaxy 2, which we will all be seeing this weekend, we reviewed The Drax and The Gamora. Our friends over at Secret of the Booze, struck some galactic gold with these! They were delicious! Head over to their YouTube channel to see how they are made and sip on them while listening to the three of us ramble on. Be sure to subscribe so you can see any new drinks they come up with!

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Ep. 24 - Frozen 2: Ice Ice Babies (Sound Cloud)