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Episode 11 - The Misadventures of Scooter and Clancy

Hey Everyone! Welcome to episode 11 of You Me & Duffy! For this weeks current events we talk about a few things involving the DCCU and the most recent Beauty and the Beast trailer. It looks so good! For our main topic we discuss our feelings about the most recent announcement from Marvel and Square Enix. There could be a very interesting video game future for the comic book lover/gamer. We all talk about the styles of game we enjoy playing and what we hope to see from this collaboration. Also find out which one of us has sprinted through town chasing our dog wearing nothing but his super hero undies!

To help us get our thoughts straight and get in the video game mindset, we went over to our friends @secretofthebooze for inspiration. This week we tried, The T-Virus. If you put this in your body, I am pretty sure it will kill whatever zombie virus you might have!

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Ep. 11 - The Misadventures of Scooter and Clancy (Sound Cloud)