ru paul

Ep. 31 - Mergilla Gorilla

It's episode 31 of You Me & Duffy! This whole episode was created around a topic suggestion and Ask Me Anything from Mr. Jonny Stone! It's all about Ru Paul's Drag Race and all those beautiful drag queens! We won't pretend we had a lot of knowledge about this topic so we brought in some guests to help us out. Around the table with us this week was Brittany (last name redacted) and Michelle. Come listen as they try to explain an entire culture to us! Let us know what you think we should have asked and learn who in the podcast is apparently "not a bottom".

There wasn't really a drag queen themed beverage in the Secret of the Booze catalogue so we chose what we thought would fit best while being super tasty. With that in mind, we chose The Sea Witch! It literally tastes like candy!

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Ep. 31 - Mergilla Gorilla (Sound Cloud)