Ep. 38 - Rollin With Some Derby Girls

It's episode 38 of You Me & Duffy! We were joined by two of our respective fiances in the studio. Scott's fiance Michelle and Duffy's Fiance, Brittany (Last Name Redacted) are part of Boston Roller Derby and their home team won the championships a few weeks ago! We had made a deal that if they won, we would have them on to talk about the sport they love, Roller Derby! 

For the drink this week, we couldn't really find a Secret of the Booze that fit roller derby to a T. So we went with the closest thing. Since they skate around a track throwing their bodies at each other, we decided to pull a character from the world of Super Mario and Mario Kart. This week we try, The Princess Peach! Spoiler alert, it kind of looks like Pepto Bismol!

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Ep. 38 - Rollin With Some Derby Girls (Sound Cloud)